Beta release of Mastercore (0.0.6)

Greetings Masterminds,

We’d like to announce a new (Beta) release of Mastercore, 0.0.6. This marks the first stable release to the public, and an open invitation to test our core featureset with a familiar API to anyone who has used Bitcoin or is familiar with the Core API.

With this release we offer the following features considered complete as well as documentation on the usage of those features for the Ubuntu Linux, bringing with this release the title of official reference implementation of the Master Protocol.

We welcome input from the community as you begin to work with the release.

Note: This release is Linux-only while the UI undergoes heavy-development. Currently the MetaDex is paired with the UI as the next milestone release for MasterCore. Please keep this in mind while beta-testing; if you need help setting up an Ubuntu instance, we recommend Digitalocean or AWS as great cloud hosting providers for Ubuntu Linux instances.

Please provide any feedback to the Mastercore development team as we work
toward providing you with a more stable and useful tool for conducting business on the next-gen Bitcoin ecosystem.

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Beta release of Mastercore (0.0.6)