Mastercoin is proud to support the Bitcoin network using

We are very happy to announce that we have purchased our very own server on, and are running a full Bitcoin node at AKA (you can verify this by checking it on is an initiative to combat the problem of a declining number of Bitcoin nodes. It is a one-click Cloud service for setting up Bitcoin nodes, that anyone can use (by donating bitcoins) to “adopt” a full Bitcoin node and thus support the network’s health. We are proud to support and promote this initiative and encourage other Bitcoin organizations, companies and individuals to do the same.

The cost of adopting a fullnode is $10 a month, payable in Bitcoin of course.

We will soon be adding another full Bitcoin node to the network in the form of a Master Core node powering Omniwallet. However, regardless of any other servers we are running, we wanted to donate this little bit of extra compute, bandwidth, and P.R to the Fullnode effort in order to raise awareness.

So go ahead – adopt your own Fullnode! It really takes just a couple of minutes and only $10 per month.

P.S – it’s quite possible that the real, complete solution to the ‘Full Node Problem’ in Bitcoin requires some heavy thinking, and changing the monetization model, to properly incentives full nodes. Until that happens, we will be running a

Mastercoin is proud to support the Bitcoin network using