Master Protocol Dev Update Week of May 12, 2014


Adoption of Agile Methods: Omni Wallet Sprints

Our development methodology in prior months revolved primarily around a generalized, broad milestone system; i.e., build block explorer, build wallet, build decentralized p2p trading functionality and so on.  As the Mastercoin Foundation team transitions toward role-based bounties with an incentive structure that is designed for longer-term working relationships, Adam Chamley reports that Omni team is transitioning to two week sprints with version 0.9 underway (2 week sprint is 50% complete) focusing on high value issues, for more insight into this process see the Omniwallet Development Themes document.


Masterxchange & MaidSafe Progress

The Maidsafe automated token distribution system for those who purchased MSAFE tokens with BTC was completed last week. Balances may be seen using Omniwallet  (test version)or at is testing tools to send MSAFE, they should be announcing time frames for release soon.

Security Report

Our Head of Security has provided a great workflow chart for our security processes.workflow

Submissions come in via the email address, the email is turned into a zendesk ticket and auto responded to with information about the bounty program. A user record is created that will be used to group submissions and save BTC and MSC address. The zendesk ticket is turned into a github issue in our private github. All details including a link to zendesk ticket are included. A blank issue with the submission title is also created in our public security github (this public issue is a placeholder and is created to track level, type, and expected award). Issues are managed internally by the security team classifying and validating the issues. Once patched issues are closed, copied over to the public github repo and closed in zendesk. The zendesk is part of the workflow to handle all the communication between the foundation and the researchers.

Master Protocol Dev Update Week of May 12, 2014