Dev Update 12: Inventing Smart Property

Major progress was achieved this week by the dev team as they enter the thickest part of developing smart property creation for the Master Protocol.


Ingredients for Smart Property

Security Bounty Program

Wallet Support



Masterchain Updated

Mac OS Support

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Dev Update 12: Inventing Smart Property

Mastercoin Foundation is looking for a Web Team Lead

We’re still working on setting up a proper Jobs page, but in the meantime, we wanted to let you know of the openings we have for role based bounties:

  1. Web  Team Lead. We need an experience team lead to lead the Omniwallet team long term. Please see the linked requirements.
  2. Developers who want to get on the Omniwallet team, or the Masterchest Wallet team (more detailed job description TBD. TL;DR – Web/python/frontend/.Net experience).

Please send relevant resumes to

Also we’d like to remind you that there is a bounty of $6000 in BTC (Dev MSC not included in this one to keep it simple) awarded to people who connect us with candidates who stay for at least three months.

Mastercoin Foundation is looking for a Web Team Lead

MasterDoge – Mastercoin moving to Dogecoin!


We’re proud to announce that the entire Mastercoin team has caught the Dogecoin fever, and we have migrated the Master Protocol to run on top of Dogecoin exclusively, effective immediately. WOW! You can try our new web wallet here:

The new UI, while not completely finished, is already far better than any Mastercoin wallet we’ve released. Very soon we plan to add the features you crave:

  • Colors: Such Neon
  • Buttons: Very Dogespeak
  • Font: Many Comic-Sans

In exchange for this move, the Dogecoin team has agreed to expand the coin supply, granting us new coins which will total 90% of Dogecoins in existence.

So profit! Much exploit. Very bag-holders.

You may be asking yourself: what was wrong with the bitcoin block-chain, that you left it behind? I think our Executive Director Ron Gross said it best: “Much 2012. Such Outdated.”

Further, every possible distributed currency from every block chain is immediately trade-able in the new wallet, from Litecoin to BBQCoin, right on top of Mastercoin, right on top of Dogecoin. How? I’m glad you asked: Very merkle. Such protocols. Amaze!

Of course, we did have to make one small concession to the Dogecoin developers to bring you all this Doge wonderfulness. We’ve released some new MSC to them, so that they now have only 80% of the MSC in existence (which I think we can all agree is less than 90% they gave us). So math! Very suckers!

We look forward to bringing you every imaginable feature within a few days, and I think it’s safe to say that if another meme-driven fadcoin takes off, we’ll drop Dogecoin like last week’s lolcat and jump on the new chain, modestly inflating coin supplies again as we go. Very plan! Excite!

In the meantime, prepare to be much wealthy.

-The Master Protocol Team

MasterDoge – Mastercoin moving to Dogecoin!

Master Protocol Decentralized Apps and Ecosystem Shooting Up

Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Spring is almost here in the Mediterranean and with the ability to do p2p trading between MSC and BTC as of block 290630 we want to highlight some of the new applications that are coming out.

Come join us in NYC on APril 7th to celebrate with Tatiana Moroz, our host, and the NYC Bitcoin Center.  Details on FB.

Smart Tokens

There is not definite date set in stone yet as to when some of the earliest types of smart tokens can be issued using the Master Protocol, but the estimate is that sometime in the middle the end  of April anyone will be able to create two types of smart tokens: Continue reading “Master Protocol Decentralized Apps and Ecosystem Shooting Up”

Master Protocol Decentralized Apps and Ecosystem Shooting Up