We need a hiring manager ASAP!

It’s becoming clear to me that we need someone dedicated to managing the hiring process at the Mastercoin Foundation (thanks Taariq for that tip!)

Here is a current list of the roles we need filled. Most of these do not have job descriptions yet, and some of these haven’t been internally approved – but it’s clear we are going to be on a hiring and interviewing spree at for the next couple of months.

I’d like to kick that off by finding someone dedicated who can help us manage the hiring process for these upcoming months. They don’t need to do it full-time, but they absolutely need to be super talented, amazingly fast learner of our needs and great communicator, experienced in hiring and interviewing for top tech startups, and at least superficially familiar with Bitcoin. If you know someone like that, please send them in.

Note that this is not an RBB position at this point, and doesn’t qualify for our usual $6000 referral bounty.

We need a hiring manager ASAP!

9 thoughts on “We need a hiring manager ASAP!

  1. George Rossiter says:

    I currently have a team under me of several hundred people. I would happily manage it for you once you message me in private I will explain what I do in detail.


    George Rossiter

  2. Daniel Campos says:

    I worked as Tech Leader, Team Leader and Team Manager for several financial institutions and startups. I had to hire my team most of times which gave me good experience.

    I also worked as a system analyst and developer for Mainframe (12 years) and Web (4 years).

    For the last 4 years I’ve been working with webprojects such as webportals.

    I speak english, spanish and portuguese fluently

    If interested, please contact me and I will be happy to send you my resume.


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