Bitcoin Security Enforcer Needed for Mastercoin Projects – $1000 referral bounty

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We want someone to manage the security testing for Mastercoin clients. The job description would mainly consist of:

  1. Creating bounties
  2. Publishing them on various channels
  3. Evaluating the responses and coordinating fixes with the dev team
I started this as an hourly bounty ($40/hr plus dev MSC distribution), but it can may evolve to be more than that.
We will pay a $1000 (paid in btc) bounty if you refer the person who is hired.
Please send an email to dom (at)
Bitcoin Security Enforcer Needed for Mastercoin Projects – $1000 referral bounty

8 thoughts on “Bitcoin Security Enforcer Needed for Mastercoin Projects – $1000 referral bounty

  1. DominikZ says:

    Hey Scott, I sent you an email a couple days ago. Do you have a cv/resume we can look at? I presume you have a background in software security?

    1. No, I don’t. That is why I never responded. I do’nt possess the educational qualities that you are looking for. Believe me, I am watching MSC closely. I still maintain high hopes for the coin and it’s future. If I thought I could be of any serious help, I would apply. I do have a lot of “ideas” that I would be happy to share and would be happy with a bounty if any of them worked out. I just think the coin needs a better employee than I would be.

      Thanks for listening and responding. That, in itself, is an encouraging sign for me. If you do come on a situation that I can fit in, please let me know. I would jump at the chance if I felt I could do a competent job.


  2. uday says:

    hello guys, my name’s uday, I can’t really say that I specialize in the field of security but I’m a C programmer, and a really good one. If u can send me qualifications, let it be educational or the skills required, then I’ll get back to you about it.
    thank you,
    regards, uday

  3. Denise Anderson says:

    Have posted to my Bitcoin followers since a number are Mastercoin enthusiasts with a security background on Linkedin.

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