Master Protocol Developer Update #3: Getting Ready for Bitcoin – Mastercoin Exchange Testing!

leftronics jan 2014Testing & QA Plan / Marv

Curtis & Faiz / Zathras

Mastercoin-Explorer / Maran and Jeffrey Grazcoin & Grimentz

Tutorial for‘s cool Hybrid web wallet (TM)

Recall that there is 100 BTC plus Dev MSC being given away just for testing, half of that will be given away in the next week!  Both the Mymastercoin Wallet from Bitoy, profiled in lat week’s update, and Grazcoin’s Hybrid Wallet are available for testing.  Additionally Marv Schneider is putting together a test plan.

Testing & QA Plan / Marv

If you’re on the dev email list, you’ve probably seen today’s thread about Dist-Ex testing (primarily if we should use testnet rather than mainnet so we add all those test transactions to the blockchain, and the testing wouldn’t cost real bitcoins). I got feedback from Zathras and Craig Sellars. I hope others give me some input as well.

Curtis & Faiz

We have started some prototype work on the web wallet.  We will be taking the implementation that is currently in mastercoin-tools and starting to merge it with some of Faiz’s work in order to better identify the gaps.  Yuval connected with me this morning about doing UI work for that, and I’ have pointed him at the codebases and asked him to fill out the UI design a bit with a list of tasks that need doing.

The leftronics dashboard is now showing real price information.  I still need to clean up the graph a bit, but the data is being pulled properly from masterxchange.

leftronics jan 2014 / Zathras

Mastercoin-Explorer / Maran and Jeffrey


  • Hybrid web Wallet integrated with DEx on is in testing phase (enabled only on internal dev site).
  •  In 1-2 days you’ll get full announcement + screenshots + tutorial, and it will be on the main masterchain site.
  • Some user complains on the send feature were addressed.
  • I keep playing ping pong commenting pull requests.
  • and seem to be in sync for the last few days (since the hackathon).
  • Difference is constantly calculated on

Tutorial for‘s cool Hybrid web wallet (TM)

Does bitcoin/mastercoin sending as well as Distributed Exchangeoperations is available on:

What it CAN do:

  • Show balances of MSC/TMSC/BTC for each of your addresses (just add them to the wallet)

  • Initiate a send/sell of each of the funds on the wallet

  • Suggest wallet addresses when clicking ACCEPT on an sell offer

  • Generate a correct PAY transaction after the offer got accepted

What it CANNOT (yet) do:

  • Sync wallet with server is not yet implemented. It means that the wallet is kept only locally in your browser. To re-create it, add the addresses to a new wallet

Few technical details:

  • All view pages are rendered locally on your browser using json data from the server (or from your filesystem). The json files are static (so no problem for 1M users together, since users bring their own CPUs)

  • Wallet is kept in browser storage. No private information is stored. A secure mechanism to keep the wallet data online will be later introduced

  • Wallet operations are done using a POST request from the server to:

    • /wallet/validateaddr/

    • /wallet/send/

    • /wallet/sell/

    • /wallet/accept/

  • At this point, the tx gets the bitcion network using pushtx of (will be later changed)


Not enough testing has been done. There are still sharp edges, and some hick-ups.

Example are available in the tutorial.

There is still enough work to get to consensus on DEx.


Master Protocol Developer Update #3: Getting Ready for Bitcoin – Mastercoin Exchange Testing!

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