Be the Support Lead for Mastercoin Foundation

Following Mastercoin developments on or watching some of the github repositories associated with various bounties shows just how much great work our developer community has been putting in since September 2013 to develop applications for the Mastercoin protocol.

Looking into the near future Mastercoin Foundation will need a person to actively take on the role of Support Lead so that as developers in the community release code that is intended for use by non-technical users there is an organization and processes in place to support our community.  

Mastercoin is a combination of new concepts (networked p2p value transfer systems and smart contracts) with old (stocks, bonds, contracts for difference, betting, etc).  We’ll need clever ways to ensure that users from all backgrounds and among many languages can get support.

On the developer community front all of the Mastercoin repositories are on Github. The Support Lead should also lead support strategy and put into action operations that enable the growth of our developer community, and provide technical support to partners (i.e., an exchange, a smart property issuer, etc) wishing to implement the Mastercoin protocol applications for their services.

We are currently developing our Wiki via a Documentation Contest, have forums software installed, and will likely implement a solutions such as uservoice for support forums and knowledge base for end users. If this is something you are interested in we generally work on a trial basis with individuals who show initiative and self-direction.

Introduce yourself to

And answer the question on Quora:

What would a Support Lead for Mastercoin do in the first 10-30-60 days?

Be the Support Lead for Mastercoin Foundation

Role Based Bounties AKA Decentralized Jobs

So, we’ve seen how bounties work for Mastercoin. We are awarding them for completed tasks, and we are working on decentralizing them.

Bounties are good and well. We have an outstanding bounty of 300 BTC, which has attracted a lot of developer attention. However, these kinds of bounties can only go so far.

This is why I’m happy to announce a new type of bounty – a Role Based Bounty or RBB.

An RBB is our equivalent to a job. It is a bounty that is voted on by the stakeholders via a Proof of Stake system, just like normal bounties. The bounty awards its recipient with a “fixed wage” in BTC and MSC, and is not tied to a specific measurable goal, but rather to a time commitment by a specific individual filling this role. The reason for the existence of RBBs is to help provide these people with some degree of safety and predictability, and get them to leave their high paying lucrative jobs and focus 100% of their working hours on Mastercoin.

Until the spec for RBBs is written and implemented, the Mastercoin Foundation will decided on RBB allocation (“hire”).

Right now we have authorized our first three role based bounties:

  1. Taariq Lewis, who is currently heading Smart Property but is actually doing a lot more than that in the Bizdev department.
  2. Dominik Zynis, who is maintaining our blog, social channels, and will now take on answering incoming direct communications as well.
  3. A yet unnamed person who will be announced soon, who will research, maintain, and develop to Mastercoin Spec.

The terms for the engagement of all these RBBs is detailed in github. If any of the people filling these RBBs, or anyone else for this matter, has an issues they want to raise, they can just submit a pull request. Imagine that … an employee submitting a pull request to discuss the terms of his engagement … even his salary!

I’m super excited to have formalized the 0.1 RBB spec and closed the engagement of these individuals. They are the first of many.

Role Based Bounties AKA Decentralized Jobs