Mastercoin Development Update #1

Our first development call took place today to discuss outstanding issues, progress, support, updates and other items.  If you have a chance head over to the wiki to see the current block explorer and distributed exchange implementations as well as Mastercoin Wallet implementations which currently as in development and testing update #1

Perhaps the most important update is that we are currently resolving transaction consensus across the four Mastercoin Protocol implementations and J.R. has given sanction to Maran (Mastercoin-Explorer) to act on his behalf in adjudicating protocol rule nuances which are not clearly defined in the specification.  The current code contest has been in progress for about two months, and we are now resolving edge cases for transactions and focusing on distributed exchange and wallet development.   Maran is currently focusing on the reference implementation in Go which will also have an RPC API so that new developers familiar with bitcoind can more easily integrate Master Protocol into their applications. Maran will lead the another developer in his implementation of this.

Grazoin noted that his and Grimentz wallet just went live yesterday. Already got improvement requests. His next targets are to finish the hybrid-e-wallet which includes already simple-send and soon distributed exchange hybrid-e-wallet. At the same time to work towards full sync with other implementations.

Zathras focusing on consensus for the edge cases, goal is to reach 99% now that Maran will help J.R. with making decisions regarding ambiguities in the protocol.

Dominik will follow up weekly with the development team to get updates and publish them to a weekly blog.

Meeting Minutes/Notes/Action Items:

  1. J.R – create an email thread to discuss whether RBB devs should be eligible for devs bounties.

  2. Dominik – publish a weekly Dev update on our blog

  3. Dominik – push an RBB for a support person, run it by the board

  4. Maran – Open a Pivotal Tracker (during January)

  5. Maran – open an issue on each bug or inconsistency in the spec (Grazcoin: I expect few of these)

  6. Taariq – Continue to direct users to the Mastercoin Specification and to make pull requests on any particular features not already covered in the Spec on github

  7. Taariq – Continue to inform users that Smart Property implementation will happen after Distributed Exchange and that will take approximately 4 months after Distributed Exchange is launched.

  8. Taariq – Inform users of their jurisdictional legal requirements on their Smart Property initiatives.

  9. Maran – setup an IRC chat logs

  10. Ron – Setup another call for Jan 9th

  11. Dominik – publish a blog post with this meeting notes
Mastercoin Development Update #1

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