Announcing our new forum!

Done is better than Perfect (I thank Yoni Assia for that quote).

Our new forum isn’t done. We still have many features we want to add to it. But it’s working, and it’s ours.

We’re happy to invite you to join and discuss Mastercoin with us.

Some of our next plans for this forum:

  1. The new user registration mechanism is still being tested. If you’re having problem joining, please email Dominik Zynis <> or Aric Fedida <>.
  2. We want to switch to all SSL. Right now we support SSL, but if you accidentally use HTTP instead of HTTPS to access us, your login won’t be secure and private.
  3. We want to move it to a dedicated domain, for several reasons. The designated domain for it is
  4. We want you feedback! We plan on integrating a user feedback system such as UserVoice so you will have the ability to vote on features and submit bug reports.
  5. Customization – we haven’t had time yet to dedicate to making the forum beautiful – we just made sure it’s working. We’re planning some upgrades here as well.

If you have anything at all you want to change, let us know on the forums and/or at

See you around

Announcing our new forum!