Aric, Dominik and Taariq, welcome to the team!

This has been long overdue.

I’d like to officially announce two great nominations we made in the last weeks and months.

Dominik Zynis (prophetx) has officially been chosen as our Heads of Communications. He has been managing our blog and social channels for quite a while now, and is doing a terrific job condensing the plethora of things going on with Mastercoin into a more digestible form.

I remember how valuable this was for me before I decided to spend 120% of my own time on Mastercoin – there was simply no way to follow everything that’s going on. Dominik is making it possible for people to identify and learn the important bits and pieces about Mastercoin, and is doing a terrific job at that.

Aric Fedida officially joins the team as Head of IT. Aric has been a longtime Mastercoin supporter. Back in August-September, he quickly setup up our wiki for us, has fought against its increasing spam levels, and has generally been very helpful. Since then, with our accelerated activity, our IT needs have accelerated as well. We are now supporting not just a lot more activity in the global Mastercoin Foundation, but also five chapters (and growing rapidly!). Aric is what makes all this growth possible.

David has already announced and congratulated Taariq Lewis‘ new nomination as Smart Property Lead, and I would like to join him. I think Taariq is a superb SP Lead, and am excited to see how he leads this important feature in the upcoming weeks and months.

Aric, Dominik and Taariq, welcome to the team!