Our Bounty Process

We are still discovering and evolving what is the right development process for Mastercoin … I imagine things will look quite different 6 months from now. For now, I wanted to document how are process is happening right now:

  1. Anyone can add a new task to any of our Trello boards. Whatever you think needs doing – just add it, and post a message notifying us of this new task (if you need Trello permissions, let us know).
  2. We propose bounties on the tasks we think are most important right now. We add this information on the card, and update the Opportunities thread (subscribe to it to get notifications). I have also created a new spreadsheet that will contain all specific open bounties (not counting special contests like the 300 BTC contest and the upcoming Documentation Week).
  3. You can pick any card on Trello, with or without bounty, and work on it. If you are satisfied with the bounty we currently placed on the card – great! If you feel that the bounty amount is too low for a particular card (or isn’t even specified), let us know! We are completely open to discussing changes and “upgrades” for any bounty. It would be best to discuss these propositions on top of the cards themselves, on Trello.
  4. Once you complete a bounty and your results are validate, we send you the awarded amount. It’s that simple.

This is the process under which we’ve been operating on. My primary mission is to accelerate the development of Mastercoin, and I noticed that so far only I was issuing bounties. I am here to tell you – please, let us know what you want to work on, and at what price. We may not always agree to your terms, but we will always be open to discussing them.

For your information we assume that most bounties will be picked by people who already own some mastercoins (or prefer to be paid in MSC), and so we will be offering lower-than-market prices on most (but not all) bounties.

As always, you can come to us with any questions and discuss.

Looking forward to everyone’s increased participation in the bounty process,


Our Bounty Process

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