Calling All Writers: Mastercoin Documentation Contest – $5000 Bounty

logo mscThe first documentation contest is underway and we are looking for people to contribute.  Our goal is to crowd-source world-class documentation of all things Mastercoin for our Wiki.

For inspiration we would love if the Wiki content is on par with the professional approach of these: Ripple Wiki, Wiki, or API documentation and Support.


Document as much as possible by using social media channels to obtain the best, crowd sourced content.


The total bounty will be $5000.  Contest ends December 3, 2013 at Midnight GMT.


The bounty will be divided up by number of pages posted to the Wiki.   Only QUESTION (#1), ANSWER (#2) and WIKI (#4) tasks are paid and split equally.

Anyone can work on an item so if you only do #1 or #2 or #4 then you will only get 33% credit so long as it is completed and gets through #4; the only exception is when there are translations involved.

For example, if 50 pages are posted each page gets paid out $100, if you did four #1 tasks of Trello items that were posted in English and translated into Hebrew then you will receive $100.

$5000 / 50 = 100, $100 / 4 = $25, $25 x 4 = $100

Get Started:

Start out on the contest’s Trello Board, we have seeded it with several topics.  You can log in using a google account or set up an account.

If you do not see a question or subject matter that you want to work on, post a comment here describing the subject or question, please keep it simple (i.e, What is Mastercoin; Mastercoin Links; Constructing a Transaction; Transaction Processing).

We are paying out on content already submitted. If you already have content on the Wiki you should post a comment on the Trello board with a link to the content.

If you are translating into a second language, make a comment on the Trello item so you get credit (make sure to include a link to the wiki article in another language).


    1. QUESTION: Post a link on the Trello Card to at least one question on Quora or or some other location on the Internet.  Once this is done one of the Admin’s will move it to the Answers list.  If the Question does not exist, post a comment in the card titled “POST MORE QUESTIONS HERE“.

2. ANSWER: When you get some answers (you can answer your own question, but the purpose is for it to be a community effort) pull together the content you believe should be used for that particular item and post it to the Trello Card.  Once this is done one of the Admin’s will move it to the Voting list.

3. VOTING: You must get 3 Votes on your Trello Card and no one making an absolute objection to your content.  We will ask the developers and the Board members to vote.  Feel free to post on

4. WIKI: Once the content is up-voted someone will need to obtain a log in to the Mastercoin Wiki and add a page with the content.  Then put the wiki link into the Trello Card and post on the contest discussion board on that you are done.

Contest will end  at midnight GMT on December 3, 2013.

Please post questions here as a comment and they will be answered within 24 hours.

Calling All Writers: Mastercoin Documentation Contest – $5000 Bounty

8 thoughts on “Calling All Writers: Mastercoin Documentation Contest – $5000 Bounty

  1. So: you want that we formulate one generic Question on the card “security features” like “What are the security featuers of Mastercoin?” or should we put in more an more precise questions on the topic security features? Since the upvoting will not work for each question probably you want the first. Right?

    1. That sounds good, and it can also be used as the basis for more precision. We are going to be very liberal with approving these for now, so just go with what you think is best. The voting is primarily to ensure people don’t spam and give some thought to quality.

  2. One comment guys. If we believe in digital currency should we not post all money sums in denominations of BTC or MSC ?
    So, shouldn’t it be a, say, 5 BTC bounty?

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